Thursday, September 28, 2006

Diary Of A Bad Lad - coming to UK cinemas in 2007

Jonathan Williams as Producer 'Barry Lick' in "Diary Of A Bad Lad"
image courtesy of Pleased Sheep Productions

Congratulations to Sick Puppy friends Michael Booth (director) and Paul Gordon (D.O.P) on the news that their low-no budget UK indie film "Diary Of A Bad Lad" has been picked for UK distribution by Wysiwyg. You can see this tale of a desperate documentary filmmaker and the depths of depravity he's willing to sink to in order to get his film made, in early 2007. I met these two flan-loving reprobates at this year's Cannes Film Festival and I'm pleased to hear that things are going well for them. Aside from the completed "Diary Of A Bad Lad" they've also got another feature which they're shooting now - "Bar Stewards".

Check out both the film's website and also the Pleased Sheep Productions website for further updates and more details. Also - why not watch the trailer - here.

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